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Delight- Joy 
Remember. Connect. Act 

WildVenture XR is immersive entertainment studio funded by an award-winning team and designed for impact. Our content is developed around culturally relevant stories found at the intersection of - Nature, Culture, Science, Technology and Entertainment- and build from the ground up by bringing in essential voices and collaborating with local grassroots experts and thought leaders.


“The times we live in are creating a longing for a connection to land and nature: what I call a longing for belonging”  

- Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

We know this too well...the doom & gloom, the ticking clock that just won't slow down.


The race to solve the climate crisis has driven us to collective despair and paralysis, right when we need hope and action.

Most steps in the right direction, though well-intentioned,  still miss an essential part of the equation,  we are a part of Nature, and no separate from her. We are not meant to “save the planet” but to step back into our role, a reciprocal and interconnected relationship with all life forms, from the mycelium below ground to the giant grey whales.

Remember. Connect. Act.

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