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Thank you for stopping by! Here is a little bit about us... 

WildVenture XR is an impact-driven immersive entertainment studio founded by an award-winning multidisciplinary team.

Our experiences delight, inform and inspire new ways to envision and engage for our collective future.
Our content is developed in collaboration with communities, centering culturally relevant stories  at intersection of Nature, Science, Technology and Entertainment. 



“The times we live in are creating a longing for a connection to land and nature: what I call a longing for belonging

                                                    - Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

We are living through an extraordinary moment in time; climate  anxiety and despair is rising at alarming rates.  If we are going to shift this moment, it must be on a mass level and it needs to start from the inside.  That starts with providing spaces to reset, to imagine and envision, sense and way find, to tap into our human<>nature connection and remember that we belong to a more than human world and reciprocity is key.

Nature based collective experiences spark curiosity, awe and wonder, and they also serve as a healing space to sync with the essence of nature, which promotes self regulation and self activation.   From a balanced state of being, anything is possible.


Returning to a state of embodied knowing reminds us that we are a part of the living system, a connecting community and therefore part of a systemic solution, we are of this world, not just in it

Remember, we have agency around what happens to our future.

We've got this!

               Experience. Remember. Reconnect. Thrive.

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